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11 products

    11 products

    Here is the complete collection of vibrators from the company Pillow Talk.

    These are designed with luxurious, comfortable material and endowed with sublime power.
    Elegant in appearance, it is inlaid with a magnificent Swarovski diamond.

    A vibrator for everyone!

    You can now find vibrators in virtually every shape, size, and style imaginable.

    Some even come with a remote or are controlled by a mobile app.

    No matter the person, no matter the place, there is bound to be a vibrator that will take you to 7th heaven, but how do you find the right vibrator among the hundreds of different options available to you?

    The different types of vibrators

    Wand vibrators and massagers

    Introducing the classic vibrator of simple design, yet powerful in their operation, wand vibrators generally consist of a rounded end attached to a long wand intended for clitoral stimulation.

    When it comes to adult toys, wand vibrators are a great introduction to the world of vibrators and have plenty of attachments and attachments to let you experience different sensations. The original magic wand is still sold today, showing its timelessness!

    Vibrating egg vibrators for the clitoris

    Looking for a pocket vibrator that really delivers pleasure.

    These compact little toys are a fantastic way for clitoral stimulation, and are discreet enough to easily stay out of sight in your pocket or purse.

    There are many egg vibrator models that feature adjustable vibration settings to increase the intensity or change the vibration patterns for a different type of orgasmic experience. Egg vibrators are a great way to add extra external stimulation to the clitoris with or without internal stimulation.

    Realistic vibrators

    You are looking for vibrators with a texture and a real touch, here are the realistic vibrators.

    These sex toys are designed and sculpted to mimic the size, shape and feel of real penises and combine them with the powerful vibrations of a vibrator.

    Whatever your preference; whether it's a particular size or a particular skin tone, there's a realistic vibrator out there for you.

    You can even take it a step further and create your own realistic vibrator!

    Using a kit called Clone-a-willy, you can create a perfect mold of your partner's penis and then recreate their penis using silicone and an included vibrator for your own custom vibrator.

    G-spot vibrators

    A G-spot vibrator is definitely what you'll want to try.

    These vibrators are specially shaped and curved to easily stimulate directly on the G-spot for intense orgasms.

    G-spot vibrators are extremely popular for solo masturbation, as well as foreplay with your partner.

    G-spot vibrators are ideal for developing female ejaculation.

    Vibrators with suction

    The vibrators with suction are super focused on the clitoris to give incredibly intense orgasms again and again.

    A suction vibrator has several different styles and offers a variety of sensations by using gentle suction to mimic the sensation of oral sex on the clitoris.

    The most famous names in clitoral stimulators are the Womanizer and the Satisfyer, and both brands have received incredible reviews from thousands of women who have discovered new sensations.

    Rabbit vibrators

    Rabbit vibrators are the perfect solution for vaginal and clitoris stimulation.

    This adult vibrator stimulates the clitoris while simultaneously penetrating the vagina.

    In fact, many women are not able to reach orgasm with only penetrative sex and internal stimulation.

    Direct external clitoral stimulation to the clitoris solves this problem, so it's easy to see why rabbit vibrators are so popular.

    Anal vibrators

    Anal vibrators have a similar function to most other types of vibrator, but often with a different shape.

    In order to offer the best anal pleasure, most anal vibrators take the form of an anal plug or anal beads with a vibrating action integrated or not.

    There are also many other styles, including some vibes designed to provide double penetration action.

    Some anal vibes are designed to stimulate the prostate, which makes them extremely popular with men and their partners.

    There are also penis rings that also have an anal vibration.

    vibrators for couples

    Couples vibrators are here for simultaneous stimulation!

    Couples vibrators like the We-Vibe that offer both partners an incredible and intense sexual experience during sex.

    There are even "smart" remote vibrators that can be connected to a phone.