Vibrator and pregnant, what to do when we love them?

Vibrator and pregnant, what to do when we love them?

Vibrators, stimulating creams and everything related to pregnant sexuality can leave a big question mark.

Pregnant, I know the field of sexuality rather well and I took the time to learn about it myself, in order to give the best possible explanations to our future mothers with multiple unique needs.

I can tell you that I have heard all the possible rumors about pregnancy and sex toys. That prompted me to write you this blog today to enlighten you as much as possible in your choices.

First of all... 

First of all, it is important to check your health with your doctor. Pregnancy brings a lot of happiness, but can sometimes become complicated. 

Normally, sexual intercourse is allowed without any problem, in this case you can use your vibrators. 

On the other hand, if you have complications and the doctor prohibits sex or orgasms, this will also include vibrators, but at that time your doctor will be able to guide you.

The myth of vibration ... 

A popular belief says that since it is not advisable to ride VTT (It is true) because of the vibration, so you could not use a vibrator. It's wrong. You have to compare apples with apples.

The vibration versus the motor of a vibrator and a motorized VTT, Four wheel, etc. Is completely different. One is much more powerful than the other and the vibration of a motorized vehicle spreads throughout the whole body, while the vibration of a vibrator / sex toy is concentrated on the area to be stimulated.

Which vibrator can we use?

External vibrators pose no risk for pregnancy, so you can stimulate the clitoris without problems with your favorite massager.

Classic internal vibrators can be used without problems, unless there is a medical complication, but watch out for sudden movement, be gentle.

Rotating vibrators and vibrators with back and forth movement can exert pressure on the cervix, or base on the position of your placenta. They are to be avoided, unless your doctor authorizes you to do so, just make sure with your gynecologist to be able to use them. 

For dildos no contraindication is indicated if sexual intercourse is allowed. Again, we pay attention to the sudden movement

Maintenance of the vibrator during pregnancy?

It is important to ensure the hygiene of your vibrator by cleaning it before and after each use with a cleaner designed for this purpose.

You can practice Anal / Penetration during pregnancy. The only contraindication is found to be when you have hemorrhoids.

When agreed, it is important to use a good lubricant, to prepare well by dilating the anus and to listen to your body during penetration.

Be careful not to switch from anal penetration to vaginal penetration alternately to avoid any risk of bacteria transmission.

Can we use stimulating creams or lubricants?

Stimulating creams?

Stimulating creams are to be avoided for the simple reason that they have not been tested on pregnant women and that it is preferable to avoid them since the vaginal pH of the pregnant woman changes which could risk vaginal infections . In addition, they have not  been tested on pregnant woman so we do not take the chance for the baby!


Lubricants are allowed, I suggest staying with the same if you already used to a particular lubricant, otherwise I prioritize lubricants without flavor, the softest possible water based or silicone based according to your preference.

Flavored lubricants or edible lotions?

Flavored lubricants or edible lotions can be used for oral sex throughout pregnancy. On the other hand, they are not the best option for vaginal penetration, we prioritize the tasteless.

Massage oil?

You can use massage oil for your romantic massages, however, do not use massage oil for penetration.

For pregnant massages, prioritize slow, gentle massage techniques adapted to the restrictions of the pregnant woman.

Avoid deep and invasive techniques or maneuvers.

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