Squirt 101

by Marie Eve F.

Squirt 101

Female ejaculation or well known as Squirt is for many the ultimate orgasm, the one she is looking for to finally experience seventh heaven. Finally, is this really the ultimate orgasm? Getting to the G-spot is somehow the key and once stimulated, female ejaculation or not, the sensations are incredible.

Anatomy lesson:

The G-spot is actually the base of the clitoris, the deep part of the clitoris commonly called the root of the clitoris. It is a very sensitive erogenous zone, the size of a dime, located in the upper wall of the vagina, at the level of the first anterior third.
How to find your G-spot?
Preferably, take a sitting or kneeling position, the position should allow you to insert one or two fingers into the vagina pointing upwards. Look for a small grainy area and firmly massage the ceiling of the vagina. You will feel your G-spot swell under the pressure.
Good pressure is the key. The G-spot does not react much to gentle caresses.
Above all, do not hesitate to add a stimulating G-spot cream or a curved accessory designed to stimulate the G-spot.
How do you know if you are in the right area?
With a good stimulation you will feel an urge to urinate, the G-spot passes in front of the urethra. We have to overcome this normal and temporary urge to urinate and maintain the stimulation if we want to achieve arousal.
Now let's get to the heart of the matter with the erotic accessories that will allow you to effortlessly stimulate your G-spot or finally SQUIRT.
If I tell you about his models, it's because they are really good and using them is simply a pure delight and happiness at your fingertips.
This duo has allowed several women to experience the happiness of female ejaculation. An incredible and varied combination since you can easily use them separately or together.

What is suction? It's a clitoral stimulator that you press on your clitoris and does all the work effortlessly on your part with a suction that sensitizes your clitoris and a pulsation or an air rotation that stimulates the sensitive clitoris in depth.
You can choose the model you like according to your needs and preferences. From one company to another the principle is similar, the big difference is in the strength and the modes.
My favorite models are the Sona Lelo, the Satisfyer Penguin, the Womanizer Premium and the We-Vibe Melt

Why am I recommending suction to you? Because the orgasms it provides sound amazing, fast and oh...how powerful. I'm not kidding, it's literally our customers' favorite type of accessories. A crazy orgasm without effort.

It should also be noted that it is perfect during penetration, in combination with anal, vaginal toys and simply alone. #WEREINLOVE - I forget in the bath…MMmmmmm


The Glassicles 9 or the Glossy 8 is extremely effective with a suction stimulator, but not only with that… It combines perfectly with a tongue or simply for vaginal stimulation of the G-spot.

Made of glass, these two dildos have the same shape, they are solid and have a perfectly curved shape to stimulate the G-spot effortlessly. Its size is smaller, but its curve knows exactly where the G-spot is and how to activate the flood. By inserting it you will see that it presses directly on the G-spot, a real detector.
Together, they won the hearts of many clients, as did my circle of friends.

Lollipop, because it looks like a lollipop with its two balls of different sizes, but it is really better than a candy. Once inserting its balls fitted with a thin metal rod creates the perfect pressure to press the G-spot, develop it and trigger the fountain.

You have two kind, the curved one and the right model.
Why choose the right model? The straight model allows you to have the clitoris free, which means that you can easily combine it with a tongue, a vibrator or a suction-type stimulator. This is the model I like to suggest if you want to combine the stimulations.

Why the curved model? Because it is really better used alone with its curved handle, the straight model in solo is a little more difficult to use than the curved one which allows to make movements more easily.


There are products that exist specially designed to help you increase your sensations or to simply let yourself go 100%.
My two “must haves” that will allow you to let yourself go are the Splash Dry and the Rain of Love G-spot cream from Shunga.
Rain of love cream? It is a cream that you apply to your G-spot. It will increase blood circulation on it, make it swell and make it sensitive. Your vaginal walls will also be more sensitive, so the sensations will be increased and that makes all the difference for penetration or for having fun with your G-spot.

The Splash Dry? It is a sheet that protects your blankets or surfaces that you do not want to soak with liquids. It absorbs up to 4 liters of liquid without crossing. In polard it is very comfortable and it is probably the most ESSENTIAL product in the world to be able to let yourself go.

In conclusion, there is no secret to achieving the well-known female ejaculation as Squirt, but the right tools and letting yourself go will be the key to achieving a sensational orgasm.

If you can't have an orgasm with ejaculation don't be discouraged, the important thing is to focus on your feelings, simply enjoy the present moment and everything will get better.

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