by Marie Eve F.


Would you like to try anal? Are you afraid of being in pain? You don't know where to start? Have you had a bad experience? If you answer YES to one of its options, it is a sign that this blog is for you.

Following several questions about anal relations, I decided to give you a 101 guide to properly undertake this project, which requires some preparation if you want to be sure to get off on it.
Where to start?
First, you can indulge in the pleasure of anal sex alone or in pairs, regardless of your sex, gender and sexual orientation.
In many cases, as a duo it is not uncommon for it to end in anal penetration if both of you want it. In this case, I suggest that you discuss it well with your partner to start the adventure in confidence with each other and to always do it only if you feel the urge.
Take your time.
Take your time, there is no pressure. To obtain a pleasant and pleasant penetration, you must go gradually, otherwise you risk feeling pain.
For some things are done quickly, while for others it may take a little longer depending on our apprehensions.
Anal sex does not rhyme with pain!
Anal sex does not rhyme with the word pain, obviously if you rush things too much and the preparation is not adequate you risk feeling pain, hence the importance of properly dilating the anus and use a lubricant.
Preparation will be the key for a comfortable penetration.
#ITS Protection
There is no risk of pregnancy during anal penetration if there is no vaginal contact of course, however STI's can be transmitted through the anus, so do not neglect condoms.
During anal penetration there may be a slight tear which increases your risk of catching an STI, since there will be direct contact with blood. Although the term tear may seem scary, I assure you the tears are in fact completely normal micro-tears during penetrations, except in the case of sudden penetration where it could be more apparent.

The preparation

Hygiene?! Enemas?

The anus is an area prone to bacteria, so it is essential to have impeccable hygiene being an area where excrement passes. The key is to practice sodomy or anal stimulation with a clean anus and empty intestines.
The anal enema is optional, you can do it if you feel the need. To do this, use an anal shower with lukewarm water WITHOUT SOAP, only lukewarm water until the water runs clear. When you have finished your enema I suggest you wait 15 to 20 minutes for the excess water to be absorbed by your body.
Vaginal or oral? Although the practice is common in pornographic films, it is important not to pass from the anus to then penetrate vaginally or orally, you risk infections. The anus always comes last.
The anus does not lubricate!
The anus has no natural lubrication, so it is very important to use a good lubricant to avoid friction, these will make a big difference in optimizing your pleasure and comfort.
**For some people saliva is enough, but very rarely this will be the case. Normally, lubricant is essential for penetration or anal play.
If you use accessories such as anal dilators or anal vibrators, I suggest you use a good water-based lubricant with a thicker texture and designed for the anus.
While for games without silicone accessories or anal penetration, the silicone-based lubricant will be your best ally. The texture of this type of lubricant is very slippery, it does not dry out, does not stick and its silky texture allows you to have fun with comfort.

In pleasure mode!

To test the anal sensations you have a panoply of choices.

If you have a prostate I suggest you try the models designed to stimulate it. They have a curved shape specially designed to put pressure on the prostate to allow you to experience deep and powerful orgasms. You can find prostate stimulators with vibrations, without vibrations or with movements.

Anal vibrators will dilate the anus with vibration and various shapes. Some will be tapered, others will have balls or ribs depending on what stimulation you are looking for. The vibration relaxes the sphincter which facilitates insertion by adding a pleasant touch.

Anal beads are a sensory accessories which, removed at the right time, increase the intensity of orgasm, they are a nice addition to vary the sensations.

Glass or metal anal plugs will allow you to play with temperature sensations. The effects of cold titillate you and the effects of heat result in facilitating dilation. Some metal plugs will contain a weight to vary the effects of gravity and the aesthetics of it adds a nice element. Real jewels.

Anal dilators are designed to dilate the anus. They are used to facilitate the insertion of accessories of different sizes, to enjoy the pleasures they confer or to prepare for penetration.
Finally, for anal accessories the choice is endless and the shapes are varied, but the important thing is to always use an accessory designed for the anus. Without "stopper" it could enter the anus, which you don't want, since taking it out could be difficult, hence the importance of choosing the right accessories.

In penetration mode

For penetration, ideally, I suggest you prepare well with a good lubricant, dilators and then we'll be ready to get down to business.

First, discuss with your partner your apprehensions and when you are ready we set the mood and relax so that everything happens naturally.
Secondly, we prepare the lubricant and the accessories that we want to use to properly dilate the anus, in order to receive a comfortable penetration. When you are at the stage of using dilators you start with the smallest or the one you are comfortable using. We apply the lubricant and we insert it gently.
You may then want to size up, just as you may prefer to wait to change size. Listen to your body, sometimes getting used to dilation can take more than one try, going up sizes can take longer and it's better to take it easy and not rush than to rush and eventually not want to try.
Finally, when you feel ready to take action, lubricate the penis or member well if you use a harness for example and penetrate your partner gently. You can vary the position according to what you find comfortable, just as you can gain the upper hand by controlling the movements and the depth of the penetration for example with the position of the rider where the penetrated partner is on top of the penetrating partner.
During anal penetration the important thing is to:
  • Communicate between partners.
  • Listen to your body and respect its limits.
  • Take your time and relax. A relaxed body means a relaxed anus.
  • Properly lubricate the limb and accessories with a good quality lubricant.
  • To dilate the anus step by step and then proceed to a comfortable penetration.

The little extras for sensational anal penetration:

  • If you have a clitoris, stimulate it with a small vibrator or your fingers during penetration.
  • If you like double penetration and the position allows it, you can use a vaginal or rabbit-type vibrator to penetrate your vagina at the same time as the anal penetration.
  • If you have a penis you can masturbate at the same time with your hands or with a masturbator.
  • During vaginal penetration insert an anal plug to get used to the sensation and to add a very pleasant stimulation at the same time.

In conclusion:

I hope you have found in this reading all the leads to allow you to enjoy pleasurable anal penetration or stimulation with comfort and confidence. Now all you have to do is find the accessories and lubricants that will give you maximum pleasure on our online store in the anal section.

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