The sex toys of summer 2020!

Sex toys of summer 2020!

The sex toys of summer 2020! I have prepared a “Must have” vibrators and erotic accessories for women.

With our most popular sextoys prepare you to have a hot summer and it won't be because of the temperature. So, I present to you a list with the strengths of our little favorites. 

Satisfyer - Yummy Sunshine

A real favorite for our customers with its bright yellow color, it is a little sun for the G-spot with its curve which knows how to seduce women. 

Flexible, it is comfortable during penetration, a super silky texture and it is just plump enough. 

On the other hand, what I prefer is its power having several modes of vibration and it is great in the shower. In the comments received, I would say that women regularly recommend it and indicate that the G-spot was strongly stimulated. 

Satisfyer - Sweet Temptation

With his ice cream shape, he is adorable, but that's not all! I love its unique way of stimulating the clitoris, it is the type of accessory that allows you to enjoy the present moment.
Without vibration, its head covered with soft flexible rib turns on itself to remind the fabulous cunnilingus. So, if you are looking for a gentle stimulation that will make you think of a tongue that licks the clitoris to slowly enjoy oral sex on demand you will probably be quite satisfied.

Adore U - Alicia 

I love to suggest this anal vibrator to our customers, because it is perfectly used whether you are a beginner or a little more experienced with its conical shape. 
 What I find interesting is this combination of ultra silky touch, its multiple vibrations and the fact that you can leave it in place during penetration anyway quite easily. 

Adore U - Nia

A small mini format vibrator that can be taken everywhere! 

I find it essential, especially in summer with the reopening of campsites, to have a discreet clitoral vibrator that can follow us in our activities. 

Rechargeable, no battery is required and its vibration modes are very powerfull. So, it can be used perfectly during penetration or for masturbation. 

To discover right here! 

Shunga's oral gloss
To have absolutely in your handbag or in your nightstand! 
 As the name suggests, it is a gloss for oral sex, we apply a thick layer of it on the lips and then we engage in oral sex with alternating effects of hot, cold and tickling with a delicate taste of sparkling strawberry wine or coconut. 
With all this, summer can only be fun!
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