Explore your clitoris. 6 tips for a better orgasm!!!

Today, we offer you a variety of effective techniques for stimulating the clitoris. Some may be familiar, but others could be totally new. Either way, if you put these tips into practice, you'll reach orgasm in no time. So read on to learn about clitoral masturbation!


Looking for your clitoris? No problem! It's usually easier to find if you're already well aroused, but even without a mirror, you should still be able to find it by gently palpating around your vagina.

The outer part of the clitoris is located above the vaginal opening and can look like a small button.

You have many nerve endings throughout your vulva, even if many of them are concentrated in the clitoris. That's why it feels good to get to know yourself.


It might be a misconception that the vagina is self-lubricating and that you don't need extra moisture, but that's not always the case. For a handful of reasons, you, or your significant other, will probably need to supplement clitoral massage with a lubricant.

When masturbating with your clitoris, a water-based lubricant will suffice. However, for play in the bath or shower, or if you want to avoid reapplication, a silicone-based lubricant may be an interesting option. There are also hybrid lubricants that offer the best of both worlds, combining water-based and silicone lubricants.

Just keep in mind that you shouldn't use a silicone-based lubricant with a silicone sex toy.


Instead of spending time Googling "how to masturbate your clitoris", Get in there and see what you like. All the informative articles in the world can't replace lots of experimentation with vaginal massage and clitoral stimulation.

Using a finger, try short, light strokes only on the clitoris and clitoral hood or long, slow strokes that incorporate the vaginal opening. Also. Move your finger in a circular motion, from side to side or up and down. You can also try tapping gently. Use more or less pressure and more or less speed to find what works best for you.

Try mixing it up a bit until you find a movement that promises an orgasm or just feels good. Repetitive movements can cause cramps in the hand, and nobody wants that. Play around a bit, then pause for a few seconds before diving back in.

If stroking doesn't get you there, you can try tenderly pinching the clitoral button between two fingers.


Concentrating on the clitoris is the whole point of the exercise, isn't it? You know it's the key to orgasm, and you're ready to unravel that mystery! But it's just as important to remember that having an orgasm doesn't have to be the be-all and end-all of your sexual experience.

Don't be discouraged if, on your first few attempts, you can't reach orgasm or if nothing gives you pleasure. Don't stay focused on massaging your clitoris to reach it, as you risk missing out on other erogenous zones. Even if your clitoris is very receptive, there are plenty of other areas to explore. Also learn the difference between a clitoral and vaginal orgasm.


Another way to get creative with clitoral masturbation is to try out new positions. If you're used to lying on your back with your legs spread, try flipping over onto your stomach and crushing yourself. Or you could try lying on your side and rubbing against your hand or a sex toy.

If you're with a partner, they might have other suggestions on the best way to position yourself to get better access to your clitoris. They might prefer to hold you against them and reach out to massage your clitoris, or let you straddle their head while you mash their tongue and lips.


When you know your clitoris well or are still learning, clitoral vibrators make vaginal massage, masturbation and time spent with a partner more fun! These adult vibrators, which usually vibrate or sometimes use suction or air pulses, are created to bring pleasure to your or your partner's clitoris. More intense stimulation can lead to more intense orgasms and therefore more sexual pleasure. Yes, please!

Vibrators don't have to stop to catch their breath - stimulation remains constant at the same level! Gone are the days when you were so close to orgasm before your hand got tired and the pressure went away.


Now that you know the benefits of good clitoral masturbation, create the perfect atmosphere with a scented candle, relaxing music or a little porn. Try a variety of positions, pressures and movements and we guarantee you a memorable evening!