Geisha ball - Vivilo - Japanese Balls

Vivilo SKU: V0019
Boule de Geisha - Vivilo - Japanese Balls Vivilo Sensations plus
Boule de Geisha - Vivilo - Japanese Balls Vivilo Sensations plus
Boule de Geisha - Vivilo - Japanese Balls Vivilo Sensations plus
Boule de Geisha - Vivilo - Japanese Balls Vivilo Sensations plus
Boule de Geisha - Vivilo - Japanese Balls Vivilo Sensations plus

Geisha ball - Vivilo - Japanese Balls

Vivilo SKU: V0019
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Introducing Vivilo's Japanese Balls

Inspired by the original, also sometimes called: Ben-Wa Balls, Chinese Balls, Chinese Balls or Japanese Balls. Discover the Orgasm called ''Cul-de-Sac'' with our Japanese Balls essential for the muscles forming the pelvic floor of the woman . The ones offered here are directly inspired by the original Japanese Balls, the first ones discovered in Japan around 500 AD. These Japanese Balls are two heavy spheres of 35gr each made of stainless steel and 20mm thick.

In the beginning in Japan, the main purpose of these balls was to give additional pleasure to men during the sexual act. Eventually, there were not only benefits for men, there were benefits for women as well; the sensation of these balls floating and jostling in the vagina made women feel sexually aroused and a range of benefits became evident...

Wearing the Japanese balls stimulates the contraction-relaxation movements of the pelvic floor muscles and at the same time provides an exercise of the pubococcygeal muscle which is responsible for good sexual health. This exercise was made popular by Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1940, which is why you often hear the term Kegel exercises when you hear about the Japanese Balls. Using our Japanese Balls is the easiest and most effective way to practice Kegel exercises because the vagina is forced to react to keep the Japanese Balls inside. By the way, these Japanese Balls are exactly the same ones that are described in the book: "Fifty Shade of Grey".

Here are some of the advantages of wearing the Japanese Balls;

  • optimal support for the bladder
  • stimulates the uterus
  • stimulates the rectal muscles
  • provokes the excitement and the erection of the clitoris
  • supports the pelvic muscles and makes them stronger
  • ideal to use after childbirth to strengthen the muscles
  • gives a better feeling to the man and the woman during penetrations

You can wear the Japanese Balls all day or for a few hours at a time, there are no contraindications; simply insert the balls inside the vagina. Once inserted, you will feel a slight cooling sensation. The sensation of the Japanese balls is discreet and both a gentle and strong movement will stimulate the vaginal muscles to wake up and exercise. Depending on your sensitivity, you should begin to feel aroused. Please note that the Japanese Balls can stay inside the vagina by themselves and sometimes you will have to contract your muscles to keep them inside.

The Japanese Balls will increase your sexual pleasure for sure and the more your vaginal muscles are trained, the better the orgasms will be in your couple. Even better, you can keep the Japanese Balls during the sexual act; each penetration will make the Japanese Balls twirl around inside you, the sensations for both of you are very pleasant. For him it offers an exciting caress on the penis.

EVEN BETTER: women are discovering more and more a new type of orgasm using the Japanese Balls during penetration, it is called: Second G-Spot and also the Cul-de-Sac Orgasm. It is a sensation similar to the G-Spot; it is an internal orgasm!

MORE EXPLANATION ABOUT THIS ORGASM: The vaginal walls near the front of the uterus are the point of arousal when light pressure is applied. This results in the release of sensations. The uterus becomes excited, it shakes, the sensation travels to the pelvic floor and into the thighs... What a treat!

Wearing your Japanese Balls during sex is probably one of the most amazing pleasures to discover and repeat. In conclusion, the feeling of wearing Japanese Balls is as good as all the benefits you will get from it.
Take care of yourself!


For added comfort, always use a water-based lubricant and remember to clean your accessory before and after each use with our antibacterial cleaner and disinfectant for Sensations Plus erotic accessory. When sensuality rhymes with safety!

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VeDo: 1 year warranty by contacting the manufacturer via Email on the following website

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Lelo: 1 year warranty by contacting the manufacturer via Email at

We-Vibe: 2 year warranty by filling out the form on the website 

Womanizer: 2 year warranty by filling out the form via internet

NU: 1 year warranty by contacting the manufacturer via Email at or by phone 561-750-0741.

Hot Octopuss: 1 year warranty by contacting the manufacturer via Email at

Linea: 1 year warranty by filling out the form at

Vive: 1 year warranty by contacting the company on the site

Xr Brands: 1 year warranty on selected models by completing this form

Magic Wand: 1 Year Warranty at

The Wand: 1 year warranty by completing the following form

Fun Factory: 1 year warranty by contacting the company via Email at

Autoblow: 30-day warranty on

Doc Johnson: 90-Day Warranty by completing the following form at

CalExotics: Warranty ranging from 90 days to 1 year on selected accessories via

Pipedream: 60-day warranty by completing the following form

The Irresistible Collection: 1 year warranty by contacting via Email

Regular sizePlus size
Chest32"- 34"34"- 36"36"- 38"38"- 40"44"- 46"48"-50"52"-54"
Waist25"- 27"27"- 29"29"- 31"31"- 33"38"- 40"42"- 44"46"- 48"
Hip34"- 36"36"- 38"38"- 40"40"- 42"46"- 48"50"- 52"54"- 56"
Weight90 lbs-120 lbs120 lbs-140 lbs140 lbs-160 lbs160 lbs-180 lbs180 lbs-220 lbs220 lbs-260 lbs260 lbs-300 lbs
S/MM/LL/XL1X/2X3X/4XO/S RegularO/S Plus
Chest32"- 34"36"- 38"38"- 40"40"- 46"46"- 52"32"- 38"40"- 50"
Waist25"- 27"28"- 32"31"- 33"36"-42"42"- 46"24"- 31"36"- 44"
Hip34"- 36"38"- 40"40"- 42"44"- 50"50"- 54"34"- 40"42"- 52"
Weight90 lbs-130 lbs130 lbs-160 lbs160 lbs-180 lbs165 lbs-220 lbs220 lbs-265 lbs90 lbs-160 lbs170 lbs-260 lbs

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