Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation, it is important to note that your order must not have left with Canada Post, otherwise we will no longer be able to cancel it. In addition, our orders normally leave the same day from 3 p.m., see the next day from 3 p.m. with very fast service.

For an order cancellation call 1-866-243-9919 or send an email to [email protected], make sure you have your order number and name on hand.

If your order has not left the premises we can proceed to a cancellation without problem.

If it leaves the premises and you no longer wish to receive your order, refuse delivery on arrival at your home, the postman will send it back to us immediately. Please note that the delivery and handling costs for the outward and return journeys will be at your expense and that you must notify us.

If you accept your order upon arrival, no cancellation or refund can be made due to the very hygienic nature of our products.

No order can be modified, on the other hand if your order has not left the premises we have some flexibility, since our service is fast we suggest you call 1-866-243-9919 or write to us at info @ with your request, your name and order number.