Our 3 favorites for Valentine's Day #MAN

Our 3 favorites for Valentine's Day #MAN 

Recently, my colleague wrote you a blog on Our 3 favorites for Valentine's Day #AUFEMININ this time I wanted to take the time to tell you about 3 of our favorites for men! 

Among all our erotic accessories the choice may be difficult, the Spinner masturbator for example is a must-have that we regularly talk about as its popularity is incredible and it is extremely pleasant, to tell the truth I love this one! It is not uncommon to see comments like "My boyfriend's eyes turn in the butter when I use him so much he likes it" a good indication of his talent.

On the other hand, I did not want to speak to you for another time about the Spinner since we write on this model regularly, on the other hand if you are curious click here! 

#1 The masturbator Satisfyer Heat Vibration

The Satisfyer Heat Vibration masturbator offers a combination of heat and vibration, its material inside is fluffy and soft to perfectly coat the penis with comfort for the most pleasant caresses. 

Why we love it! 

To start, I had several positive comments about this model. Its heat is comforting, it  reaches human heat to make it more realistic.

The plus is the interna texture which is comfortable and very soft, a reminder of both penetration and oral sex, but with a good powerful vibration.  When you take it off, it all ends with a suction on the penis head, so it's like a kiss that caresses the glans. 

Rechargeable and guaranteed for one year with Satisfyer, I must say that it is one of my favorite sex toys when I want a masturbation that offers a lot of pleasure and is different.

Learn more about it here! 

#2 The prostate stimulator Vector by We-Vibe

Studied and designed by male anatomy specialists, the Vector prostate plug is one of the best I have had a chance to try

What is special? 

Its shape which is customizable, its multiple vibrations, it can be controlled via a remote control or a cellular application and it is rechargeable.

What I love about the Vector?

I love several things about this anal plug. I like that its internal head can move to put more pressure on the prostate, which allows for personalized and more intense pleasure.

Second, the vibration that presses directly on the prostate provides incredible pleasure and Vector also presses with vibration externally on the perineum, so the sensations are really intensified.

Finally, I really liked that this anal plug is completely waterproof, so maintenance is very simple and you can wear it in the bath or while you are having sex. 

More expensive, it remains in my opinion one of the best that I have been able to try thanks to the customization of the head and the vibration felt on the prostate and perineum.

Learn more about the Vector by We-Vibe here! 

#3 Masturbation cream Bucked Wrangler! 

My favorite masturbation cream, since I tried it. 

Before I used classic water-based lubricant with my accessories or when I was alone I used silicone-based ones. I really liked the appearance of the silicone lubricant being always silky, on the other hand the water-base one dry in the long run which I like less to masturbate, I really like the wet look and texture for a masturbation. 

So, I decide to try it, the cream Bucked Wrangler, and I am so in love with it!!! 

Why I love it so much?

Because it is incredible, it leaves NO TACKY FINISH on the skin. It does not dry quickly and it is as if when you apply it on your penis that it turns into lubricating water. At the end, the skin is hydrated thanks to coconut oil, a real miracle this small ultra stimulating and slippery cream

Do not hesitate to pair it with your masturbator.

Learn more about the famous Bucked Wrangler here!